Rock Star Writing and Editing / by Michelle Cowan

I'm finally ready to start my own writing and editing business: Rock Star Writing and Editing.  I'm thrilled that I now have enough experience to offer quality services through a more professional structure.  Please tell all your friends... and your boss... about my new venture.

Life is getting a bit stale, and I need to bring more variety into the work portion of my life.  Working for myself and choosing a more diverse set of projects promises to bring just that.  I'm searching for something.  I feel very displaced and hungry for an unknown experience.  This new business is one attempt to find a new level of satisfaction. 

It may not be healthy to continually seek the next level in one's life or career.  It's a pretty futile journey.  The human soul is never completely satisfied.  We never reach the apex of achievement, even when we accomplish our most outrageous dreams.  Even though I know these things, I also know that I am a person who rarely feels content.  Although I meditate and seek knowledge and try to base my worth on things other than my accomplishments, I am always reaching.  Instead of denying or suppressing that desire (as I often do), I'm embracing it in this effort to bring a new work element into my life.

Please support me by visiting  And tell everyone you know, especially those who regularly hire freelance writers and editors or who have a need for technical or other business writing expertise.

Rock on!