Michelle Cowan blends thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies to create music that sticks in your head and makes you think. With soaring vocals and passion infused in every line, it's clear that music is her first love.

Michelle started taking piano lessons at age seven, began singing duets with her father at age 10, and has been in love with the stage ever since. As a teenager, she sang throughout west Texas and Oklahoma as part of a women's quartet but wasn't sure how she would ever make a living as a musician. A gifted fiction writer, she attended Texas Tech University where she studied English and Spanish literature.

Meanwhile, her passion would not be denied. During her second year in university, she bought a guitar, and the songs poured out. For years, she had scribbled lyrics in spiral notebooks and struggled to pair the melodies with piano accompaniment. The accessibility of the guitar unlocked something new, and she has been writing songs ever since.

Today, Michelle lives in Houston, Texas, where she performs with her piano and guitar at a variety of venues in town and across the state. Also a talented jazz vocalist, she jams with other groups and incorporates improvisation into every performance. 

Michelle has also curated a series of concerts (called Mi'Show) featuring local singer-songwriters. She is passionate about collaborating with other performers and likes to share incredible talent however she can.

Her music seeks to expose the heart of things, drawing inspiration from literature, spirituality, art, love, life, death, and her childhood in the wide open spaces in and around Borger, Texas. With each song and each performance, she communicates something deep and special... or just funny... with her listeners.  And the work continues to evolve every year.

Michelle continues to write fiction and study audio engineering and production, building upon her existing musical talent so that she can craft the creative life she dreams of. Thank you for listening and being part of the vision.