Letting Go and Embracing the Music / by Michelle Cowan

So much is going on in the music-sphere lately!  I have a musical theater audition coming up and a great jazz festival on the weekend of January 30th.  These endeavors (along with opera training, writing songs, learning to record, and--oh yeah--regular life and work) are keeping me on my toes.  Change is in the air, and I'm learning to let go.  Status quo is comfortable, but it may be the enemy to happiness.  I must be willing to let go of what I have now, even though I love it, in order to see the next chapter in my life.

This is an exciting time.  Slowly, I'm learning to go to bed without finishing every task, to take the events and curves life throws as they come (instead of spending every moment trying to avoid them), and do what I love without fear.  These elements of life are key right now.  As life gets busier, I want my internal world to grow calmer.  I am sleeping a bit more, which has helped.  And I'm telling people about  my dreams, wants, plans, and loves.  It's time for a change, to let go of what I don't love and walk toward the new... even if it means giving up a few things that help me feel secure. 

There's nothing wrong with holding security close at times, but there's also a time to let go.  I'm learning this.  Always learning...


And I have to throw in an advertisement for the jazz festival I mentioned.  Check out my Gigs page for more information.  

Trinity Jazz Festival
10th Annual ~ One of the Top Small Jazz Festivals in the Country

Check out www.trinityjazzfest.net for the full schedule.  I'll be singing with Storyville, an amazing jazz group led by Paul English and Horace Alexander Young III.  We will be doing vocal arrangements of instrumental compositions by Bach (Yes, Bach!) jazz style.  We sound amazing, and the rhythm section playing with us will add to the perfection of this music.  Trust me, you WANT to hear this.

The festival lasts all weekend, from Friday, January 28, through Sunday, January 30, and you should definitely go see the headliners and other performers.  But Storyville will be performing (for FREE) only on:

Sunday, January 30
10:30 a.m. and 12:30 a.m.  (pick the time you want to come)


Trinity Episcopal Church
1015 Holman @ Main
Houston, Texas 77004

Our Sunday performances are absolutely free!!

For more information, go to www.trinityjazzfest.net.