Vocal Rest / by Michelle Cowan

I'm putting myself on vocal rest for a couple of days.  A lot has been happening.  I'm singing next Saturday with PIVO, a new jazz group I'm a part of.  Check it out on my Upcoming Gigs page.  Lots of singing lately, and it's time to slow down.

I'm learning to be more content with the less busy times of life.  I have been trained value busyness more than relaxation.  But one isn't better than the other.  I tend to feel restless and anxious when gliding smoothly through life, as though I need to always be tackling a new stretch of whitewater.  I'm pretty sure most people would drown if they paddled down rivers without any breaks from the rapids.  Not appealing. 

I need time to assess my creative endeavors, my relationships, and my work.  The silences are critical to growing a greater understanding of myself, my life, and the world.  It's time to take a step back and enjoy all the gifts I've been given, including those I have done nothing to achieve.  I can sit and be content, enjoying the sun, the cool breeze, or a day without any commitments or duties.  I can give a friend a call or just lay on my living room carpet, thinking and smiling.  Will the world come crashing down?  I think not. 

I've learned that I always eventually get up from a period of rest and pursue something new.  I enjoy achieving goals, and I enjoy rest, too.  The fear that I will sink into idle stagnation is an unfounded lie.  I can and do trust myself more and more each day.  I trust myself to enjoy all the different feelings and parts of life. 

The quiet times are the best times to hear new songs...