The Internet Is Not My Friend / by Michelle Cowan

The more I delve into this world of websites and blogs and Facebook pages and all the nonesuch that goes along with the virtual realm, the more I see that a virtual connection can never equal the connection I feel with a person one-on-one, in the flesh. It's nice to have contact with people I can't see or touch in the moment, but virtual interaction mostly feels like a teaser until I can actually see those individuals and wrap my arms around them.

Still, I love that I get to know so many of you through this blog and email.  I would never have met you otherwise!  Nonetheless, I'm encouraging everyone to go out and get a real hug today, from someone warm and living.  If people make you cringe today, find a pet!  If that is still too invasive for you, try a tree… or maybe just do some journaling to examine your resistance...

I send all my love to you but remind you all that the internet is not your friend; it is a means to connect with other people—friends, foes, and everything in between.  Friendship is the heart connection with others.  Don’t get trapped in thinking that connecting virtually is all there is.  A phone call, a random visit, a letter—these are all ways to reenter the world of flesh and blood interaction and experience how special it is.

I will not disparage virtual connections.  I love them and would not do without them.  But how can a computer compare to walking outside, under the trees, on a day as beautiful as this one in Houston, Texas?

So, once again, get out there and get your hug!  But become a fan of my Facebook page first ;)