Photos / by Michelle Cowan

Yes, I know some of you have wondered, "Why don't you post any pictures on your site or blog?" Well, because this blog is partially about eating disorders, I don't want to put any images up that could be fodder for appearance-comparison games. However, that motivation is lessening. (People can compare outside appearances if they want and decide on their own how healthy that is.)

Unfortunately, as I blogged about recently, thieves broke into my car and stole my camera, along with my iPod, my precious Alvarez guitar, its case, and my priceless songwriting notebook. They took a swimsuit and my good kaiki capris, but those items meant significantly less to me - but it does say a bit about the people who took them.

If I had a camera, I would take some good shots and upload them. Soon enough, people. Soon enough. I tend to procrastinate on making big purchases like that. So far, I have a camera, a new laptop, and a vacation lined up for future expense. Hopefully, I will gain the courage to give myself the gift of spending that money, but it just seems like I'm not saving as much as I'd like right now... I struggle a lot with finding financial balance, treating myself with generosity while exercising responsibility for my future needs. Learning, learning.

In any case, the camera is coming up soon. I figure it will be worthwhile on that vacation...