Perfectly Cheesy Life-as-River Metaphor / by Michelle Cowan

My life is like a river, winding its way through the wilderness. Its shores ebb and flow with the seasons; it finds its way through obstacles. Everything that happens and everything I do changes its path, and I leave each redirection behind, accepting the way the river then flows. I ride with it, recognizing where past decisions have led in order to move beyond them into whatever lies ahead.

I am convinced that my river does not run downhill. That's right. My life defies the laws of nature, if only in its metaphoric form. This single image helps me make it through tonight. I continue flowing, despite whatever stumbling blocks I hit in recovery. My life moves on, and I can go to bed an empowered woman, even if I did not live most of the day like one. Food, social, and personal choices need not limit where I can go now, in this very moment.

The beauty of who I truly am and the majesty that is the rolling river of my life easily transcend the momentary darkness of any action. And the darkness of those actions never squelches the light of other, brighter ones. I can see quite a few flickers of light in this day.

Life is full and joyous. I can choose that life by fully expressing myself through whatever means I find. More specifically? In the upcoming weeks, I hope to play my music in public more often.

For now, I write this post, embrace my body and its changes, and remember all the reasons I love myself just as I am. Everyone deserves that kind of love because everyone is exactly as they should be right now. We are enough. I am enough.