Couple of Links / by Michelle Cowan

It's a true joy to be in recovery. Even though I'm not perfect, I'm doing well. Sharing that joy seems to prolong my motivational fire. So, seeing as I'm in a positive, giving spirit today, I'd like to share a few little places I like to go to stay on track and happy. Enjoy! - Great for uplifting quotes, affirmations, and other writing. Check out what "The Universe" has to say and smile :) - SARK inspires me to be creative and also has some links to other fantasic sites. (I use the "Ask Jupiter" section of SARK's Studio more often than I like to admit for decision-making purposes.)

Crackin' me up lately: - I visit it every work day for a little pickmeup. - This is real, y'all. Wish I had such artistic talent! You can buy his stuff or see it in a gallery.

There are too many more to count, but hopefully I'll eventually post most of them! For now, though, I sense an early bedtime coming on. Care for yourselves. Much love!