Stay Tuned... / by Michelle Cowan

I haven't disappeared!  I'm just very busy working on lots of new projects.  New songs are in the pipeline as well as some adventures in recording.  I've also joined a new jazz ensemble that will be debuting this fall.  It's all exciting, and you will get to hear about it... when I have a moment to breathe! 

Until then, stay centered, take a few minutes for yourself to just DO NOTHING, and then smile.  Life isn't that big a deal.  It's fun.  Believe me, I now know, it really is.  I'm not always at the top of my game, and my anxiety still runs quite high.  But I have enough experience under my belt to keep on going even when it gets tough.  I hope you do the same.

I have many friends to thank for the progress that has been made this year.  I can't ever do it alone, and I am grateful for all of you out there supporting me.  I'll play you a song anytime... paid or not ;)