Ophelia's Place / by Michelle Cowan

Ophelia’s Place in New York is my vision come to life. I dream of a safe place where people can gather to discover REAL beauty and REAL recovery. If anyone else shares this vision, please contact me. Houston is in desperate need for something like Ophelia's Place. Check out the link to see more.

No one knows how long something like this could take to create, especially since I don't know the first thing about starting a business. Nonetheless, many times, I've described to friends a place where people can come to hang out, attend support groups, do work, eat together (in a supportive environment), be creative, and host eating disorder recovery events. It would sustain itself through donations; other freelance work I do; operating as a speaking/music venue; possibly leasing out space for therapists and other healing practices; and by selling some merchandise, art, drinks, and food.

When I heard about Ophelia's Place, I couldn't believe how closely it matched the image that has long swirled around in my head. Although I would incorporate a less Christian-specific spirituality in the community, the foundations of my desire are represented in living color there. By stating this as my vision, I hope to attract the momentum, know-how, and resources required to create something similar but also completely different and perfect in its own way.

Please support Ophelia's Place and also join me in the vision for a future where human beings love their bodies and come together to heal and bring light into the world—a place of strong, joy-filled people journeying toward our best selves through creativity, introspection, and community support.