Putting Feet to Creative Ideas / by Michelle Cowan

People engage in the most interesting creative projects! Check out this one I learned about from Pop!Tech:


The We Feel Fine system searches new blog entries all across the Internet for the phrases "I feel" and "I am feeling." It then records the full sentence and identifies the feeling expressed (e.g., sad, tired, happy). It also records the demographic and geographic information (including weather) of the blogger if possible along with any picture associated with the blog post.

All of this information is kept in a database from which the site constructs all sorts of combinations and stories. It displays the data in all sorts of artistic and insightful ways. Some of the quote/photo combinations are wonderful. Go to the site to learn more about it. It's worth a visit.


And definitely go to the Pop!Tech site to download videos of some incredible people discussing some of the most interesting topics I've ever encountered. The 2008 conference is streaming live right now! The video featured above is from the 2007 conference, but numerous "Pop!Casts" from this year's and previous years' conferences are housed their for everyone's viewing pleasure! And believe me, it's a pleasure.

Hopefully, I will start pursuing my own projects at some point rather than exclusively learning from others. For today, I did some songwriting, but I keep feeling that I could do more. And I'm probably right.

However, I refuse to discount learning. Sure, I'm excusing my avoidance of building my music career or developing myself in new ways or helping others, but I'm also setting an intention to do those things and even joining groups that should help me get better integrated into the music scene (GoGirls). How hard should I push myself? And how honest am I being about how I use my eating disorder to distract me from my dreams?

Can I let go of distractions/habits like the eating disorder and my own laziness or fear? Can I open myself up to more creative time? This story is still being written.