Marketing - Let's Think about It / by Michelle Cowan

Want a glimpse into why teens and adults have such a skewed sense of self and desire? Part of the reason is marketing, and if you haven't already seen them, watch these two PBS Frontline reports that do an excellent job of investigating a both intriguing and repulsive world. It makes me sad for our teenagers, for everyone as consumers, and even for myself. But it also spurs me toward action. These reports are not new, but their message is still more than relevant. What do they spark within you?

The Merchants of Cool
The Persuaders

Media and marketing are not all bad. They can spawn innovation, creativity, and countless other valuable things. How would any message, positive or negative, spread without some form of marketing or media distribution?

But the dark side should be considered. What can we do about it? It's a little overwhelming for me. Can we band together to make a difference?

I guess that this is where organizations like Mind on the Media come in. Let's do our part to take some action!